January 15, 2018 asvignesh

Today’s developers and organizations are migrating large, monolithic legacy applications to microservice-based architectures to improve scalability and developer velocity. However, these benefits come at a cost, namely integration complexity. Additionally, developers still often interact directly with the infrastructure, whether it be virtual machines (VMs) or containers via Kubernetes or another container orchestrator. Serverless is the next evolution of application and system design and deployment. Serverless applications are built upon functions—small code artifacts, which are compact and specific to a discrete task. Serverless doesnt means servers are no more required to run workloads, it simply means that developers no longer has…

January 9, 2018 asvignesh

Amazon AWS Lambda functions are becoming more popular. Where I don’t need to setup and manage servers to Dev and deploy my code. Currently Lambda supports node Java python and C#. In the AWS reInvent AWS .Net team showed the demo of upcoming feature runtime executing a full ASP.NET core application with ASP.NET Razor pages. They showed the demo with AWS XRay . They have preannounced the support for .NET core 2.0 in AWS Lambda. Watch Deploying application on AWS with .NET core https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfF1E2RJ6Do

May 28, 2015 asvignesh

When i was working on a WIX, i encountered some issue in installing the application  (REST based webservice), my service is not started and later identified that the port number which i set in the application is already used by another application To identify whether the port is in use, i used the Socket Class in Java, which is an endpoint for communication between two machines but i used for local machine to validate specified port public Socket(String host, int port) throws UnknownHostException, IOException https://gist.github.com/c830a8f4c94fa17d68a8 if the host is null it will set the host as loopback address

January 8, 2015 asvignesh

HTTP GET The HTTP GET method is used to retrieve (or read) a representation of a web resource. In the non-error ( aka Happy path ) path, GET returns a representation in form of XML or JSON and the HTTP Status code will be 200 (OK). In case of any error in the path, it most often returns a 404 (NOT FOUND) or 400 (BAD REQUEST). According to the design of the HTTP specification, GET requests are used only to read data and not change it. Therefore, when used this way, they are considered safe. That is, they can be…

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Representational State Transfer (REST) has gained widespread acceptance across the Web as a simpler alternative to other Web services ( SOAP and WSDL ). REST is an architecture style or design pattern used as a set of guidelines for creating web services which allow anything connected to a network to communicate with one another via a shared common communications protocol known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The same HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc.) used by web browsers to retrieve and display web pages, audio/video files, images etc. from remote servers and post data back to them when performing…