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There is an updated rolled out for chrome today which adds adds a new menu in the top-right of the chrome browser that allows the user to manages the user accounts.

Many people feels it as ugly and a bit obnoxious, If you are the one who doesn’t switch the accounts often here is the tip to disable the menu

To disable it,head into your flags menu.

  • Type in address bar chrome://flags
  • Search the page for “Enable new profile management system”
  • Change the drop-down menu to “Disabled”
  • Restart Chrome

That’s it. You’ll lose the user management menu and return to a simpler version of Chrome. If you’d prefer to get the old view back, do this instead:

  1. Type in chrome://flags into the URL bar
  2. Search for “Enable the new avatar menu”
  3. Change the drop-down to “Disabled”
  4. Restart Chrome

With that, you’ll get the old avatar menu back.

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