Install a chat server in windows

Openfire is a real time collaboration server licensed under the Open Source Apache License. It uses the only widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber).

Setup Openfire in your windows ( chat server )

First setup web server and Database server
Install WAMP or XAMPP ( Apache , MySQL , Php )

A web-based, “wizard” driven setup and configuration tool is built into Openfire. Simply launch Openfire and use a web browser to connect to the admin console. The default port for the web-based admin console is 9090. If you are on the same machine as Openfire, the following URL will usually work:
Initial setup and administration can also be done from a remote computer using LAN IP address instead or hostname if it is resolvable by the remote computer.

Create a mysql schema

 create schema myxmpp;

After setting up the server and database download and install the openfire

download openfireand launch the openfire application and allow the access for openfire in firewall ( if prompted )openfire_launch

Then click on launch admin or goto this url in your browser

Installation Wizard steps;

  1. First select your language
  2. Select the domain name and port use 9090 and 9091 by defaultdomain and port
  3. Select the database connection settings
    1. Pick your database and set the connection configuration / driver / uname and passworddatabase_setting
  4. Choose profile settings
    1. Default : Store users and groups in the server database. This is the best option for simple deployments.
    2. Directory Server (LDAP) : Integrate with a directory server such as Active Directory or OpenLDAP using the LDAP protocol. Users and groups are stored in the directory and treated as read-only.
    3. Clearspace Integration : Integrate with an existing Clearspace installation. Users and groups will be pulled directly from Clearspace. Clearspace will also be used for authenticating users. Please be aware that Clearspace 2.0 or higher is required.profile_settings
  5. Set the administrator settings ( optional ) you can skip this settings, the default username and password for the admin is “admin” and “admin”
  6. Once you complete the setup login to admin console using the default credentials( if you changed use your password , username is admin )last

Once you logged into the console start creating users

  1. Go to User / groups tab
  2. Click on create new user ( create two or more user to test )create

After that install spark or any xmpp client in your machine
In android am using xabber 
In my windows am using Sparkspark_login

After you install the xmpp client
username as : asvignesh ( same as what you created in admin console )
password : password ( same as what you created in admin console )
server is your server ip address or domain ( my machine local ip is )add_friends

and i logged in as asvignesh2 using my mobile xabber client ( asvignesh2@10.0.03 )
add the user in contact list ( friends list in xampp client ) and enjoy chatting


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