November 16, 2018 Vignesh Sathiyanantham

VMware Virtual Machine snapshots should not be used as a primary backup, Virtual Machine snapshots are good for the shorter period. you can create VM snapshot before applying hotfix and delete after successful patching. When VM snapshots are created the state of the virtual disk at the time the snapshot is taken will be preserved and all writes to the VMDK are redirected to a new delta disk file (The delta disk represents the difference between the current state of the virtual disk and the state that existed at the time the previous snapshot was taken), and the original VMDK…

October 31, 2017 Vignesh Sathiyanantham

[amazon_link asins=’8126565780,B007X6SMD6,B01FGT7J3K,B007Q4XQEU,B01LX8J2S9,B01MG5IPDO,B01FSZHYSW’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’asvignesh-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’c40293c0-c0bb-11e7-9231-5decb318ea19′]   First stop the AWS EC2 Instance Create the EBS snapshot of the volume which you want to encrypt Copy the EBS snapshot which you created in the previous step to same availability zone and check the Encryption check box Create the new EBS volume from the encrypted EBS snapshot Now the newly created EBS volume is Encrypted Detach the root volume and attach the new Encrypted volume with the same device name ( /dev/sda1 )