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Lots of web servers are running in LAMP stack, as ubuntu is easy to install and configure and many advantages people prefer ubuntu server,  Ubuntu server is completely command based , you need to do all the operation using the ubuntu Terminal… For the Ubuntu Desktop users who are not very good in ubuntu commands Here is the solution to use server like desktop in amazon EC2 instance.

Create a new ubuntu server instance in amazon EC2

Make sure the AWS security group has port 22 open for your Instance IP address you are using. ( for SSH access )

Start the instance

If you are using windows to connect to the instance use putty tool connect to your cloud using ubuntu@myip and set Connection/SSH/Auth/Private Key file to the mykey.ppk you created

Set Connection/SSH/Tunnels Source port: 9000 and to Destination: localhost:5901

Now Use the following command to install the ubuntu Desktop

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Install vnc to access ubuntu like accessing windows using remote desktop connection

sudo apt-get install vnc4server
vncserver :1

Enter a password when prompted

Yes its done in server side

In the client side you need to install tightvnc client and open a connection to whilst the PuTTY ssh connection is still open.

When your vnc client connects, you will be presented with a terminal window in the desktop. Type the following command to start your gnome desktop:

nohup gnome-session &

Reference Article : http://bitnami.com/article/how-to-install-ubuntu-desktop-on-ec2-ebs


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