Vignesh A S

AWS Certified Developer | Building SaaS Backup and DR Product

Over a decade of experience in building Datacenter, Cloud related products, and management plugins, fully involved in the complete life-cycle of product development.

Lead a team of Backend developers and QA Engineers to build and ship the high-quality product, involved in Hiring and Coaching the team for our startup.

4 Tools to Improve K8s Troubleshooting Experiences

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration tool for containers. It is currently the market leader—any enterprise working with containers is already using Kubernetes or considering using it in the near future. However, helping in automating deployment, scaling, and management of containers makes Kubernetes a complex system. Developers need specialized expertise…

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Debugging Techniques for Public Cloud Applications

Debugging applications deployed in the cloud can be challenging. Microservices have become a popular software architecture, the applications are designed to run independently with their own databases and the logging creates hurdles for the developer when they attempt to trace the bug. There are scenarios where the bugs are not because of the logical issues…

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How to Debug Efficiently for High-Level Languages

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash Introduction Debugging is an essential part of the development cycle. Debugging helps developers identify and fix defects in an application. Thus, performing debugging efficiently and picking a good tool for your debugging needs is an important decision. For example, compile-time defects are easier to understand and fix, but runtime…

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Introduction to the Types of Debugging

Source Every software developer faces bugs and errors in their source code at some point. Whether it is while developing the code or after deploying the application in the test environment, bugs are the bane of a developer’s existence. In these cases, developers use different tools and techniques to identify the bug or error in…

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Tricks for Easier Debugging in Python

Even if you write clean, efficient, readable code and have good coverage of your code with unit test cases, it is impossible to write once and run it all the time perfectly. In most cases, bugs are inevitable, and debugging is part of the daily life of a developer. Therefore, learning debugging tricks will improve…

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Understanding Multi-Agent Remote Debugging for Java

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash As the use of complex architecture and dynamic deployments increases, the term ‘remote debugging’ instills fears into the bravest of dev hearts. Many are comfortable following the trusted path of debugging on their own machine. However, developers and traditional tools are only adequately equipped for solving debugging issues on…

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