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HTTP Response Code

I have good hands-on building REST services using Java Play Framework / Spring Boot / Spark We build multiple microservices most of them are client-server architecture and in these scenarios apart from gRPC we use REST services for the microservice…

Setup LAMP Stack Ubuntu

This tutorial presumes that you understand what is a LAMP Server , how to deploy a web site and how to install software using Terminal and experience in running other Basic Terminal Commands. Root access To install any application you…

Change OS name from Ubuntu to something

You can change the name UBUNTU to any name by modifying the file lsb-release and issue, You can find that files under etc directory vignesh@vignesh-server:~$ sudo nano /etc/lsb-release DISTRIB_ID=Vignesh DISTRIB_RELEASE=0.1 DISTRIB_CODENAME=Test DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Vignesh Testing” vignesh@vignesh-server:~$sudo nano /etc/issue Vignesh Testing n l…

Physical Address

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