Encoded slash (%2F) with Spring URL path param gives HTTP 400

I am working on a new hobby project RESTifying the ZFS APIs, Earlier I was using play framework for my REST projects, now started using SpringBoot

While RESTifying the ZFS API one of the API formats is like

@GetMapping(path = {"/", "/{poolname}", "/{poolname}/{volumename}"}, produces = "application/json")

/ will give all the pool name and volumes, /poolname will give all the pool name and volumes of that particular pool, /poolname/”poolname/volumename” should give the pool and the volume.

The volume name is in the format {poolname}/{volumename}, so I want to provide the slash with URL encoded but given restful method below gives HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request

GET http://zfsappliance:8080/zfs/sql-pool/sql-pool%2Fdisk1
Accept: application/json

<body><h1>HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request</h1></body>

Without the %2F everything works fine.


System.setProperty("org.apache.tomcat.util.buf.UDecoder.ALLOW_ENCODED_SLASH", "true");

  public void configurePathMatch(PathMatchConfigurer configurer) {
    UrlPathHelper urlPathHelper = new UrlPathHelper();

By adding the above method in the main function, I am able to get the response correctly.

Accept: application/json
    "name": "sql-pool",
    "type": "FILESYSTEM",
    "properties": {
      "ZFS_PROP_USED": "10855528448",
      "ZFS_PROP_TYPE": "filesystem",
      "ZFS_PROP_SETUID": "on",
      "ZFS_PROP_CASE": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_VERSION": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_MOUNTED": "yes",
      "ZFS_PROP_REFQUOTA": "0",
      "ZFS_PROP_READONLY": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_CREATETXG": "1",
      "ZFS_PROP_UTF8ONLY": "none",
      "ZFS_PROP_DEVICES": "on",
      "ZFS_NUM_PROPS": "all",
      "ZFS_PROP_ZONED": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_NUMCLONES": "1",
      "ZFS_PROP_CHECKSUM": "on",
      "ZFS_PROP_CREATION": "1565873676",
      "ZFS_PROP_REFERENCED": "24576",
      "ZFS_PROP_NORMALIZE": "sensitive",
      "ZFS_PROP_ACLINHERIT": "restricted",
      "ZFS_PROP_QUOTA": "0",
      "ZFS_PROP_VSCAN": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_SHARENFS": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_ATIME": "on",
      "ZFS_PROP_RECORDSIZE": "131072",
      "ZFS_PROP_EXEC": "on",
      "ZFS_PROP_COMPRESSION": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_SHARESMB": "0",
      "ZFS_PROP_NAME": "sql-pool",
      "ZFS_PROP_MOUNTPOINT": "/sql-pool",
      "ZFS_PROP_SNAPDIR": "hidden",
      "ZFS_PROP_NBMAND": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_REFRESERVATION": "782188042016609776",
      "ZFS_PROP_AVAILABLE": "22170421248",
      "ZFS_PROP_COPIES": "5",
      "ZFS_PROP_CANMOUNT": "on"
    "name": "sql-pool/disk1",
    "type": "VOLUME",
    "properties": {
      "ZFS_PROP_TYPE": "volume",
      "ZFS_PROP_USED": "10855325696",
      "ZFS_PROP_REFQUOTA": "10823401472",
      "ZFS_PROP_CREATETXG": "288",
      "ZFS_PROP_READONLY": "off",
      "ZFS_NUM_PROPS": "all",
      "ZFS_PROP_COMPRESSION": "off",
      "ZFS_PROP_VOLBLOCKSIZE": "32768",
      "ZFS_PROP_NUMCLONES": "1",
      "ZFS_PROP_NAME": "sql-pool/disk1",
      "ZFS_PROP_CHECKSUM": "on",
      "ZFS_PROP_REFRESERVATION": "15236734049616883339",
      "ZFS_PROP_AVAILABLE": "32993458176",
      "ZFS_PROP_CREATION": "1565875111",
      "ZFS_PROP_REFERENCED": "31924224",
      "ZFS_PROP_VOLSIZE": "10737418240"

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