Why Nimesa skip log backup for Database in Simple recovery model

Nimesa Software based Data protection and copy data management solution supports Microsoft SQL Server full backup and log backup, recently we got a customer request why Nimesa is skipping the Simple recovery model database during log backup

Simple recovery model doesnt support log backups. Simple recovery model database automatically reclaims the log space to keep space requirements small, essentially eliminating the need to manage the transaction log space

The following features are not supported by SQL Server if your database is in Simple recovery model

  • Log shipping
  • Always On or Database mirroring
  • Media recovery without data loss
  • Point-in-time restores

Under the simple recovery model, after each backup, the database is exposed to potential work loss if a disaster were to occur. The work-loss exposure increases with each update until the next backup, when the work-loss exposure returns to zero and a new cycle of work-loss exposure starts. Work-loss exposure increases over time between backups.

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