MongoDB application consistent backup using pre and postscript with Nimesa Data Protection

NIMESA is a unified cloud data protection solution and an application-aware for major business applications running in AWS  EC2 Instances. It delivers simple and cost-effective solutions for business continuity and AWS disaster recovery with SLA driven backup policies using AWS EBS snapshot technology.

Read more here on WiredTiger Storage and the need of application consistency for the MongoDB

Check here on adding your AWS account to Nimesa

Nimesa supports pre and post script hooks to perform the specific operation before or after a backup, example if your Instance is running Oracle and you want to enable hot backup mode before performing backup you can write the script and upload to pre-script

Enable password authentication for Nimesa to communicate to your Linux to execute the scripts, read here on Enable password authentication for Amazon Linux EC2 Instance

If you have any issue installing the MongoDB in Amazon EC2 instance, refer my previous blog and change your data directory from the default location to different disk mountpoint, read here for the steps to Change the data directory of the MongoDB

Download / Copy the pre and postscript from my gist

Create a backup policy in Nimesa data protection with the pre and post script and create a Nimesa backup group with the MongoDB instance, associate the created backup policy and the credentials.

Then run the backup, every time Nimesa backup the instance, it will execute the pre and post script to bring in the consistency to the MongoDB installed.

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