Configuring iSCSI in Windows 7

Setup iSCSI Initiator

iSCSI Initiator is by default installed in Windows 7. You can access it  from Control Panel or Administrative Tools

Click on iSCSI Initiator


If the service is not running it will prompt to start the service,Click Yes



Set the Ip of your iSCSI Target server, To create a iSCSI Target server in Ubuntu refer :

Click Quick Connect

Select the IP and click Connect

Now the IP will show as connected in the Targets, Select Volumes and Devices tab

Click Auto Configure

Click Ok to close the iSCSI initiator properties

Initialize and Format Disk

Now you can go to computer management and click Disk Management

Right click on Greyed out disk , Create new simple volume

Set the size, Assign drive letter and Format type

Partition will be created and you can explore the volume under My Computer

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