Copy Data management with your inplace Storage

Storage capacity consumed by multiple unnecessary data copies costs businesses as much as $44 billion annually, according to IDC.

It estimates that redundant copies of the same data ( copy data) account for more than 60% of enterprise disk storage capacity. The redundant copies are compounded by rational practices intended to protect the business with multiple separate copies of production data like full backups, disaster recovery copy, test and dev, data analytics

All the extra storage comes at a cost, data storage isn’t cheap, businesses have to waste more money on unnecessary storage expenses.

There are many Copy Data management software are available in the market but many CDM vendors import the primary data from the production storage into the storage managed by their software and use the instant clone techniques and manage the copies.

However, most common approaches aren’t always the best. Instead of creating the golden copy of your production data on the secondary storage, the Better and flexible approach is using in place storage snapshot and replication of your primary storage vendor.

Storage snapshots can be used as a replacement for backup, usually, storage snapshots and snapshot clones are zero cost, and some organisations consider using storage snapshots as the replacement for backup.

Nimesa Technologies offers Software-Only Data protection and CDM solution which works on top of WD Intelliflash, Pure Storage, Nexenta, InfiniDat storage.

You can protect Virtual Machine and Microsoft SQL Server running on your vSphere datacenter without procuring new hardware and storage using Nimesa

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