Registering Pure Storage array with Nimesa

Nimesa data protection for Pure Storage integrates tightly with Pure Storage’s snapshot, replication and clone capabilities. Nimesa enables admins to create fast, space-efficient, point-in-time virtual copies of applications and virtual machines that can be used as part of a backup and recovery strategy or make available production data to various secondary use cases.

Nimesa vision is to enable the availability of critical data to various stakeholders with unmatchable efficiency and SLAs.

To utilize the Pure Storage array APIs, admins have to register the Pure Storage with Nimesa

To protect the Virtual Machines backed by the pure storage array, Register the Pure Storage by

  • Click on Wrench icon on the top menu
  • Click Storage system
  • Choose the Storage type as “PureStorage”
  • Choose the protocol, and enter IP / Hostname and port of the array
  • Enter the credentials of the array
  • Click Add

Now in the inventory, the VMs backed by the pure storage will be shown as snapshot supported

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