Use Local Gateway To Access Internet While Still Connected with VPN

If you connected with VPN (Virtual private network), by default your internet will go through the remote gateway (ie. VPN gateway ), Here i explain how to access internet through your local gateway while you are connected to the VPN

And the below steps applies only to VPN setups that use Windows default VPN connection and Windows Server RRAS as remote VPN server. The steps may differ if you are using some other

My home gateway :
My VPN Gateway :
My VPN assigned IP :

To verify that i use tracert, it goes to my VPN ip ( and to the gateway of the VPN backed router


Which means all your traffic re-route to VPN server first and actually wasting the peer server’s internet bandwidth and horrible thing is my workplace blocked facebook and other social media websites (of course i explored to solve this issues only not to save my workplaceInternet bandwidth).

To change this default behavior and access Internet through your Home gateway; follow the below steps

Open Network Connections window

click Start and type ncpa.cpl

Right-click on your VPN connection and choose Properties.

Go to the Networking tab, open properties of IPv4

Go to Advanced tab.

In IP Settings tab, uncheck the option

Use Default Gateway On Remote Network

Click ok…

Disconnect and connect back to the VPN

now check the


Yes you are done…..

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