Amazon Cloud Storage : AWS EBS

Like every computer needs harddisk VM or Cloud Instances are no exception. In Amazon, EBS is the virtual hard disk for your EC2 instances, it stores data as blocks and it is like a traditional file system you can format it with any file system and use

EBS is not a stand-alone storage, you cannot use EBS volumes like S3 and unlike VMware Virtual Disks you cannot share the EBS between instances at the same time.

Until 2012 Amazon had a single type EBS volumes The magnetic standard volume then they had another two more types ( General Purpose SSD and Provisioned ) then they add yet another two the block storage throughput and Cold HDD types and also they announced gigantic 16TB volume
There are three types of Volumes in Amazon EBS,

Magnetic Volumes

Magnetic volumes are the cheaper type, one can use these disks for testing and development environments, and for applications which don’t need high IOPS

General Purpose SSD

As the name says General purpose SSD is for general purpose and these volumes are backed by Solid state drive aka flash disk, the baseline performance of 3 IOPS/GB and it can burst up to 10K IOPS, It is a good fit for running SQL Servers and Databases.

Price : $0.114 per GB-month of provisioned storage

Provisioned IOPS Volumes

Provisioned IOPS volumes allow buying IOPS on demand regardless of capacity, These volumes are also backed by SSD disks but it is designed for heavy workloads 30 IOPS/GB up to 10K IOPS. Multiple Volumes can be stripped and it can go up to 48K IOPS / 800 MBps of throughput

Price : $0.131 per GB-month of provisioned storage

Throughput optimised HDD

Supports large and sequential IO workloads ( Read Random and Sequential workloads), Throughput 250 MB/s per 1 TB volume and grows by 250 MB/s every additional TB

Price: $0.051 per GB-month of provisioned storage

Cold HDD

80 MB/s per 1 Terabyte volume grows 80 MBps every additional TB

Price : $0.029 per GB-month of provisioned storage

Note: all price are based on Mumbai region


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