AWS EBS Volume failure rate

Failure rate depends more on the number of disk blocks modified since the last snapshot of the EBS volume than the total size of the volume.

EBS has a listed failure rate of 0.1% – 0.4% annually, compared to a commodity disk’s rate of 4%. At first glance, this appears to be great, but this is somewhat misleading as any real production setup will use some sort of RAID.
Using a RAID 1 with two drives failing at 4% would give a failure rate of 0.16% annually, which appears to be line with EBS. As long as the failed drive is promptly replaced, the failure rate is not simply the annual rates of the two drives combined, but the probability that the second drive will fail at the same time as the first drive, which is much lower.

So EBS is durable as Fully redundant RAID Storage System, If you are backing up your on-prem storage definitely the same is applicable for Cloud storage as well, frequent snapshots of EBS volumes lowers the failure rate and increase the Business continuity

Dataprotection and copy data management solutions like Nimesa will help customers to protect thir EBS volumes using the snapshotting technology of AWS with consistency and application awareness

NIMESA is a unified cloud data protection solution and an application-aware for major business applications running in AWS  EC2 Instances. It delivers simple and cost-effective solutions for business continuity and AWS disaster recovery with SLA driven backup policies using AWS EBS snapshot technology.

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