Create vSphere VM from Template using Ansible

Ansible is the glue for VMware and DevOps, Many DevOps engineers use vRealize Automation to automate the Provisioning of VMs but there are a lot of chances that VMware isn’t the only infrastructure tool your company uses.

Ansible helps you to do provisioning on multiple clouds, in this blog I try to explain the creation of Virtual Machine from a template on VMware vCenter

Ansible provides various modules to manage the VMware Infrastructure, which included datacenter, cluster, host system and virtual machine.

As a pre-requisite we need to install pyVmomi, the VMware modules are written over the top of VMware VSphere API SDK for Python ( PyVmomi), You can install pyVmomi using pip

pip install pyvmomi

Ansible playbook are expressed in YAML format and have a minimum of syntax, which intentionally tires to not be a programming language or script but rather a model of a configuration or a process

Here is the PlayBook to create a VM from template

Create a file test.yml and paste the below code and change the details under the vmware guest

Run the above playbook by

ansible-playbook test.yml --connection=local

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