Nimble storage integration with Nimesa

Instant Clone of Virtual Machine backed by Nimble Volume

Once we setup the Backup group with application policy and schedule policy, the Nimesa scheduler will trigger backup jobs on the scheduled time.

To do the instant clone of the Virtual Machine,

Select the backup group and the Virtual machine to be cloned, and in the Backup List tab, select the backup name from the list of backups ordered by creation time by default

And Click on clone icon

In the Wizard, select the destination vCenter ( if you have multiple ), choose the host and VM Clone Name

Select the clone Expiry ( If you want to delete the clone on the specific time )

Click Next and Click Clone

The virtual machine will be cloned from the backup point on the provided environment.

Under the hood, we clone the snapshot which we created at the time of backup and attach to the Initiator group identified by the provided ESXi IQN, then the datastore will be mounted and attach the Virtual Machine to the Inventory.

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